The Kitchen at Discovery will be a unique indoor/outdoor entertainment complex that features America's fastest growing sport, pickleball, as well as a great food and beverage setting. Naming this venue was clear to us. The term "kitchen" has a couple meanings, and they both tie to the center of what we're building for people– the center of the pickleball court and the center of a culinary experience. Both meanings are a central point for friends and family to gather. This term "Kitchen" is now our mission and focus of how we want to serve our community.

The Kitchen features 6 indoor and 4 outdoor courts that are built to stadium and competition specifications. Our courts have up to twice the surface area of recreational courts that are common in other pickleball complexes. A full compliment of indoor games, outdoor games, ice skating, live music and a family friendly atmosphere will provide patrons a great experience.

Many options for events are available. The Kitchen will be able to accommodate indoor and outdoor gatherings, from small birthday parties to large corporate meetings with up to 200 guests. Sports fans can enjoy the game on any of our multiple screens including the giant 30 foot screen located at the end of the central green. Live music will be an important feature as well, stay tuned...

The Kitchen at Discovery is one of multiple amenities built and planned for local residents at Aria and the greater Columbia community. We're excited to have you, your family, and friends join us next year for all the food and fun we will have to offer!

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